A healthy balance between Love, Respect and Leadership is essential for a happy dog. Our vision is to help you achieve that balance. If you are a new owner of a puppy and want to learn where to start or you have a dog that is obviously out of balance, we are here to help you. 


Trish is a former broadcast journalist who needed a career change. She'd had a passion for dogs all her life, even as a toddler. After much nagging, for her 6th birthday, her parents gave her a beautiful blonde labrador she called Beauty. Then came Skipper, a dalmatian mix who followed her home from primary school. After Skipper passed, came Samson, a German Shepherd who broke everyone's heart when he was hit by a car at the age of 2. Years of work and travel then meant no dog, until Trish was wandering the Victoria Markets in Melbourne...a cardboard box with one tiny, scruffy pup in it and a sign saying $15.00. There began a love story which will never end, despite the fact that Snooky passed away many years ago. A little later, Snooky was joined by a rescued Maltese-Shih Tzu, Morrison, (named after the legendary singer, Van Morrison.) Now, there's Tequila, a 7-year-old rescue Papillon, one of the sweetest little dogs alive.

In 2008, when Trish was looking to leave her high-stress media career, she came across The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. Trish began 2 years training with Cesar online, then in 2014 attended the Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles for a week's intensive training with Cesar himself. Trish completed Fundamentals of Dog Psychology and Behaviour 1 in June 2014, and will return to LA in September to undertake Fundamentals 2 with Cesar.

Trish is also in the early stages of developing a reality tv series, The Dog Magicians. Stay tuned!

Trish is a highly-skilled and intuitive behaviourist, who has never yet worked with a dog she couldn't help. She'd love to help you and your dog reach a more balanced and harmonious place.


Trish offers an in-home consultation usually lasting 2 to 3 hours. Ideally, the whole family is present, because, as you know, dogs consider their family their pack. Life is busy, and it's not always possible to have the family together, but it's great if we can.

The session begins with a detailed discussion of the issues you're having. Trish then considers with you dog psychology and human psychology. She fully explains why when we use human psychology on a dog, it doesn't work. Then we get into the hands-on work.

Although the average session is around two hours, Trish prefers to stay with it until there is a measurable result. Her longest (and toughest) session was five hours— everyone, including the dog, was pretty tired at the end!

Because dogs don't work to a schedule, Trish doesn't charge by the hour. Her fees are on a sliding scale depending on your needs and the depth of the issue with your dog. Trish is so confident in the method she uses that, providing you follow her advice 100% for one month and nothing has changed, she offers a full refund.

Trish also offers a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions for the life of your dog, you can contact Trish for help and advice at no further charge.


Sue Bruce

Sue is a highly skilled administrator who also runs her own pet supplies company, Mondog. Sue (with Trish on the right) breeds and shows champion Great Danes; she currently has a pack of seven, including Ch Mulgadane Lyka Tora (Spennie to his friends). Spennie took out Best Neuter In Show at the Brisbane Ekka 2016.

Our team strives to efficiently answer your questions and return you calls. You may here from Sue if you require a booking or anything 'admin' related.