Annoying Dog Habits

Understand more about your dog below

Fence Barking

Does your dog run up and down the fence, barking at anything (or nothing) at all? Dogs are territorial animals, and a couple of barks at the fence to warn away strangers is acceptable and natural behaviour. However, if your dog runs frantically along your fence, barking hysterically, that is not natural behaviour. It's usually a sign of frustration and boredom. Entrenched "fence fighting" is not the easiest of issues to deal with, but with professional help and consistent leadership, it can be stopped.

Pulling on the Lead

A daily, structured walk (no random sniffing, zig-zagging, or constant leg-lifting) is a dog's primal need. The walk establishes you every day as pack leader and offers your dog her three primary needs--exercise, discipline and affection. If your dog pulls you down the street, she's not having fun. And for a dog, the walk should be fun! Learn how to walk your dog like a boss with The Dog Magician "Mastering the Walk" workshops.

Constant Jumping Up

There can be some reasons why dogs jump up, particularly when you first come home, or you have visitors. It can be intimidating for people who are not comfortable around dogs. Despite what many humans think, constant jumping is not a sign of happiness--it's simply excitement. Excitement is not a natural state in the dog learning how to keep your dog calm at the greeting time is key.