"I just want him/her to be happy."

That's the comment I hear most often from clients who are worried about their dog's behaviour. Well, how humans behave when we're happy is very different to how dogs behave. When we see a friend we haven't seen for a while, we might get excited, wave our arms, maybe even jump up and down.

In the dog world, that is not happiness, it's just excitement. Excitement is not a natural state for dog, who ideally lives in a world of calm balance.

"Crazy" behaviour of any kind--jumping madly, barking, yelping, spinning, racing around, obsessing on a toy--might be amusing enough to observe, but it's not happiness.

A happy dog is a calm dog. It might not necessarily be what you want--maybe you get a thrill out of how crazy your dog goes when you get home from work--but if you really want your dog to be happy the way canis lupus familiaris is supposed to be, you'll help her to be calm, at all times and under all circumstances.

Remember, a calm dog will never give you trouble.


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