Maggie the shut-down German Shepherd

Very interesting session this afternoon with a super sensitive German Shepherd, Maggie. Her owner, Grace, has been in an out of hospital the whole of Maggie's life. Maggie was also attacked in her own home by a visiting dog. She initially seemed very calm when I arrived, but I was feeling anxious, so I knew I was picking up something from Maggie. I asked her humans to leave the room, Maggie immediately started pacing, crouching and looking fearfully at me. Maggie is actually very tense, anxious, shut down, and is dog aggressive on the walk.

So ahead for Maggie is lots of structure, a crate as a safe place, treadmill for 20 minutes twice a day so she can burn off energy but stay safe indoors for awhile. Lavender oil and massage for relaxation.

I wish Grace and Maggie and her family health and happiness in the near future, so everyone can relax and enjoy life again to the fullest. Thank you for your trust in me.

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