Some breeds are NOT meant to combine…

Pretty much had to concede defeat an 8 month old pug/shih tzu cross. Poor little bugger has the smooshed-in pug face, but lots of shih tzu fur on it, so he can't see unless he gets a good scissor job. Cassie from The Salty Dog Grooming enlisted my help because the pup was freaking out when the scissors came near him. He's tiny, but it took two of us to calm him even a little to get near his face. It was like putting water on a Gremlin after midnight--major squealing and snapping. We basically lost the fight...we managed to hold him down long enough to at least get the fur out of his eyes. I've had better success holding down a German Shepherd--on my own!  
What makes me cranky though is people breed two unsuitable dogs together because "cute". Now poor scruffy one has a life-time of stress ahead of him to keep the fur from sticking in his big puggy eyes. Poor little sausage...but next time he's due for a groom, Cassie, I'm, busy getting my nails done, ok?? 😀

PS. This is not our boy...but same unfortunate cross-breed.