Margo Mitchell “The Dog Magician”

A healthy balance between love, trust and respect is essential for a happy dog. Our vision is to help you achieve that balance. If you are a new owner of a puppy and want to learn where to start, or you have a dog obviously out of balance, we are here to help.


 First, you need to know about the name change! You’ll notice that Margo was formerly named Trish. That’s why her certifications are are currently in the name Trish Mitchell. As name changes often are, it’s a long story, involving a bow in the general direction of Dame Penelope Keith, star of a 70s British TV show called The Good Life. Don’t ask…😄 So…same awesome behaviourist, different name.

Gold Coast based Margo Mitchell The Dog Magician is a highly-skilled and intuitive behaviourist. She’d love to help you and your dog reach a balanced and harmonious place.

Margo began her working life as a broadcast journalist in the 1980s. She worked as a roving reporter, newsreader, editor and producer for both commercial radio, the ABC and SBS.

Margo was working for the ABC on the International News and Current Affairs Desk in Sydney when the terrorist attacks in New York on the World Trade Center towers occurred on 9/11 2001. From that moment, international news became a horror story. In 2006, Margo was totally burnt out.

After a long rest, Margo decided on a complete career change and in 2012 she began online training with Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) as a dog behaviourist. In June 2014, Margo travelled to Los Angeles to train in person with Cesar. She came back inspired by this master with a burning desire to change the world, one dog at a time. She has been working successfully with difficult dogs ever since.



Margo offers an in-home consultation usually lasting 2 to 3 hours. Ideally, the whole family is present, because, as you know, dogs consider their family their pack. Life is busy, and it’s not always possible to have the family together, but it’s great if we can.

The session begins with a detailed discussion of the issues you’re having. Margo then considers with you dog psychology and human psychology. She fully explains why when we use human psychology on a dog, it doesn’t work. Then we get into the hands-on work.

Although the average session is around three hours, Margo prefers to stay with it until there is a measurable result. Her longest (and toughest) session was five hours—everyone, including the dog, was pretty tired at the end!

Because dogs don’t work to a schedule, Margo doesn’t charge by the hour. Her fees are on a sliding scale depending on your needs and the depth of the issue(s). Margo is so confident in the method she uses that, providing you follow her advice 100% for one month and nothing has changed, she offers a full refund.

Margo also offers a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions for the life of your dog, you can contact Margo for help at no further charge.


Dog Behaviour one on one

   Pack Walks
   Puppy Training    Outdoor dog walking classes


Margo has a sliding scale of fees depending on the type of help you need.

The standard (approx 3 hour) one-off in home


“full service” is $395.00

 Margo offers a significant discount on all services if you are a pensioner, on a health card, or financially affected by COVID-19. Please contact her directly to discuss your needs and budget.

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Please allow a minimum of 2-3 hours for your session and, if possible, every family member to attend. Children under seven must not be allowed to be disruptive. If you have adorable but excitable children, please have them looked after for the duration of the session.

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My Services



OKAY!! Announcing a new service from Margo The Dog Magician —on the Gold Coast, Australia, down to the NSW border.

Way too many lovely, goodhearted people adopt a dog from a shelter or the pound and it’s the wrong dog for those people or that family.
Eg. You have knee/hip/shoulder problems and/or can’t run? You don’t rescue a husky. No matter how gorgeous.
For a modest fee of $20, I will come with you to the shelter/ pound and help you choose the right dog for your personality, your family, and your general circumstance.


I’d be really grateful if you’d share this information around local Gold Coast community FB pages—it’s so important people don’t give up on a rescue because they’ve simply adopted the wrong dog.
  1. I offer in-your-home consultations. (To understand your issues, I need to feel your dog’s environment and their relationship to you and your family.)
  1. If you are looking for a new family member, I help you select the right puppy. (Not every puppy is perfect for every family, no matter how adorable they are.) I show you how to introduce your puppy to the new home and family. Once you have the basics right, everything else falls into place.
  1. I offer outdoor dog/puppy walking classes—maximum of five participants, because of coronavirus. I teach you how to walk your dog calmly in a pack, even if your dog is highly reactive or even dog aggressive.

*Please note I do NOT offer puppy school. Puppies need to be around responsible adults and older dogs. Puppy schools tend to make puppies over-excited and more difficult to train.

Puppy schools usually recommend “positive-only force-free” training, which in the real world does not work. It can even make your dog less manageable.


Spot on training for all of us 👍. We came away with clear confidence & tools in developing a strong calm relationship with our dogs. Already our house is open & relaxed with the dogs comfortable in their boundaries & our walks are enjoyable for everyone.
Thanks Margo 🥂

Nicole Hickey

Margo understands and teaches owners that a dogs needs must be met in order to have a happy dog. She teaches owners how to look after there dogs and understands they are not robots. I wish there were more like her. “Saving one dog at a time” Keep up the good work Margo

Andy Lea

[Of our two formerly crazy, barking, dog and human aggressive 5yo chihuahuas] Lulu is lying next to me and Sofi on the chair next to us after giving Lulu “the look”, but I put a stop to it and they’re both happily snoozing. 🥰
I’m sooo happy with all this. Thank you thank you thank you. You’re worth every dollar. 🥰
Julie and Garry Boulton

Pimpama, Queensland

We are so happy and our boy is SO CALM. You are a true magician but not magic, just a person who is understanding of a dogs requirements and he now respects our leadership. This is simply the best result we could have asked for and we should have takaen action 6 months ago. Great job Margo and will spread the word.

Alan Stephens

Coombabah Gold Coast Qld

I had an amazing session with Margo. The transformation was so fast I couldn’t believe it. Now I can’t wait to walk Buddy. I learnt so much from Margo and totally enjoyed the experience. Would highly recommend Margo and her vast knowledge about dog/human behaviour.

Beverley O'Sullivan

We are so happy with Margo Mitchell’s services. She was prompt, spent a lot of time and explained all things related to training our dogs and ourselves in depth, and a lovely person to deal with. 
We, including our dogs are all happier and calmer. Thank you so much Margo.

Julie and Garry Boulton

Pimpama Queensland

So glad we found Margo and asked for help. Exceptional dog trainer who helped us become a calm, happy family again.

A & C Tudge (and Henry)

Paradise Point Qld

Thank you so much Margo!… you are amazing and truly gifted! We took Luna [feisty young Siberian Husky] for another walk to practice this afternoon and there was no pulling, lunging etc… just a calm, peaceful and enjoyable walk 🐶💕 We can’t thank you enough!

Sarah and Sam Van der Spuey

Hope Island, Qld

Margo has changed our lives – we had 2 gorgeous but out of control dogs who barked, jumped and pulled horrendously. One morning with Margo and all that has changed! We now have calm, happy dogs; walking them is now a pleasure instead of something we dread. I cannot thank or recommend Margo highly enough – she is amazing!

Harriet Daly

The Dog Magician (aka Margo) is an incredible dog behaviouralist. Don’t hesitate contacting her to discuss how she can enhance the connection between you and your dog. I’ve seen near immediate change from her guidance. Thanks Margo xx

Shona Hutchinson


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