How to make telepathic communication with your dog(or any non-human)

by Sep 28, 20220 comments

With any being you want to communicate with, do this:

Sit somewhere quiet, cool and comfortable, close your eyes, breathe gently and calmly for a minute or two.

When you’re ready, imagine a fine golden thread linking your heart and the heart of the being you wish to communicate with. Say silently to yourself “I am ready to receive a clear communication.”

When you’re ready, simply ask with your heart if it’s okay that you ask some questions. Asking permission is important.

You might get words, you might get a feeling, you might get pictures, you might hear sounds. TRUST the first thing that comes up. Because beings are waiting for us to communicate, a “no” is uncommon, but it can happen.

Assuming you receive a yes, ask whatever question you wish. Trust the first thing that comes to you. It will invariably be right, even if it doesn’t feel right. Our minds tend to jump in and say “oh, I probably just made that up”. Ignore that mind and trust.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. The more you open your heart to communicate with other beings, the more easy it will become and the more clear the communication will be.

Source: animal communication workshop with Anna Breitenbach from Animal Spirit in Cape Town, South Africa.


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