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by Sep 28, 20220 comments

The RSPCA has a lot to answer for in promoting “positive only” training. Nothing but treats, clicks praise and distraction is psychologically damaging to a dog and can cause serious behavioural problems. 30 or 40 years ago there was no such profession as “dog behaviourist”, because dogs were, by and large, calm and happy.

But since PO training your “fur baby” became a thing, (grab that treat bag, ladies, and never say no!) by and large they’re anxious, barky, neurotic, fearful, obsessive, out of control and unhappy.

Being a dog behaviourist is enormously satisfying and pays my bills, but frankly, I’d rather be broke and live in a world with dogs who are calm and stable, because they are loved and respected as the animals they are.

And the formula is:

rules + boundaries + limitations + exercise + discipline + affection = happy dog


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