Mummy, could we please rescue a Staffy from the pound?

by Sep 28, 20220 comments

And why you should say “no, sweetie, that wouldn’t be a good idea.” There was a very interesting report recently from – a list of the most common dog breeds included on applications for pet-friendly rental properties.

Firstly, it seems we love mutts. Secondly, we love Staffies. A lot. Staffies are more than twice as popular as any other pure bred. So why is it that across Australia, the majority of dogs on death-row at the pound are Staffies? Why are there so many Staffy rescue organisations? We love them, we buy them, so why are we not keeping them? And why do we read and hear about Staffies viciously attacking adults and even children? There’s a very simple reason — backyard breeding.

You might get words, you might get a feeling, you might get pictures, you might hear sounds. TRUST the first thing that comes up. Because beings are waiting for us to communicate, a “no” is uncommon, but it can happen.

Assuming you receive a yes, ask whatever question you wish. Trust the first thing that comes to you. It will invariably be right, even if it doesn’t feel right. Our minds tend to jump in and say “oh, I probably just made that up”. Ignore that mind and trust.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. The more you open your heart to communicate with other beings, the more easy it will become and the more clear the communication will be.

Source: animal communication workshop with Anna Breitenbach from Animal Spirit in Cape Town, South Africa.


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