“My dog would never bite anyone.”

by Sep 28, 20220 comments

That statement is not true, and this is why.

by The Terrierman ©️

All dogs, no matter the size, are capable of doing serious damage to people under the right circumstances. The President of France was once hospitalized after he was attacked by his Maltese! Does this kind of thing happen very often? No. Almost never, in fact.

That said, all dogs are capable of biting, and I stress with prospective Jack Russell terrier owners that these are hunting dogs bred for hundreds of years to pursue small animals that make high-pitched noises and which have jerky uncoordinated movements. If that sounds a little like a human baby to you, then please heed the warning!

Also, please heed the warning that not all dogs are blank slates. Many breeds, especially molosser (mastiffs) stock herding, and stock-guarding breeds, come with genetic codes that need to be respected.

Part of respect for any dog is understanding and acknowledging the genetic behavioral code that is within the dog. Genes are not 100 percent determinative, of course, but it’s harder to cut across the grain than with it, and code can explode, especially if it is ignored by the ignorant. And are there a lot of ignorant fools in the world of dogs? There are!

The latest bit of craziness are Pit Bull puppy peddlers pushing this breed as a “nanny dog”. A nanny dog? No dog is a nanny. None…If you have a very small child, please do not leave that child unattended with a Pit Bull…. or a Jack Russell Terrier… or a Labrador Retriever… or a Maltese.

As for Pit Bull puppy peddlers pushing this breed as a “nanny dog,” please ask them to drink a nice big cup of STFU. All dogs deserve more respect than this, and Pit Bulls demand it.

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